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Probes/primers found for taxon: Sphingomonas
Hit typeShort nameName (Alm et al.)Specificity
ExactSub1Sphingomonas subartica
SpecCap1Sphingomonas capsulata
SpecERY174Some Novosphingomonas, Erythrobacter and Porphyrobacter
SpecRhizoLCSA1Maize rhizosphere clones affiliated to Variovorax, Aquabacterium and Sphingomonas
SpecSPH492Sphingomonas, Erythrobacter
SpecSphEch_1249Sphingomonas echinoides
SpecT28-649clone T28 and T29 of a subgroup within the Alphaproteobacteria, Sphingomonas capsulata
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