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Probes targeting extremophilic microbes

Probe name Specificity
RFX1238Roseiflexus assemblage
GALTS0084acid mine drainage clones related to Gallionella ferruginea
BSC0459acid mine drainage beta-proteobacterial clones
LGC0355Firmicutes (Low G+C gram-positive bacteria)
ATT0223Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans
Meiot836Meiothermus sp.
FMR0732some iron-oxidising acidophilic Actinobacteria and some acid mine drainage clones
ABl0199some acidophilic Acidobacteriaceae and an acid mine drainage clone
ABl1002some acidophilic Acidobacteriaceae
TM1G0138Group 1 Thiomonas species
TM2G0138Group 2 Thiomonas species
WJ20646acidophilic gamma-Proteobacteria WJ2 and PK51 and some acid mine drainage clones
RHGA702“Candidatus Nitrososphaera gargensis”
Tbm1282 most of Thermoanaerobacterium sp.
Tbmthsacc184Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum
ACIDO228Acidobacteria subdivision 1
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