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Reference Oligonucleotide probes based on 16S rRNA sequences for the identification of four Azospirillum species. Kabir MM, Faure D, Haurat J, Normand P, Jacoud C, Wadoux P, Bally R. Canadian journal of microbiology. 1995.
Abstract Partial sequences of the 16S rRNA molecules of nine strains belonging to four Azospirillum species were used to design species-specific oligonucleotide probes. Azospirillum strains sequences were analyzed and three homologous fragments containing 16 nucleotides were determined. These three probes were found to be characteristic of A. lipoferum (Al), A. irakense (Ai), and A. brasilense/amazonense species (Aba) and of few nontarget organisms. The specificity of these three probes was tested both against sequences in the GenBank data base and in numerous colony hybridization experiments. As a few non-target organisms hyridized with the different Azospirillum probes, the use of these probes in bulk soil hybridization is not permitted. However, their use together with specific isolation techniques is validated.
Pubmed ID 8542552
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