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Reference Oligonucleotide microarray for identification of Enterococcus species. Lehner A, Loy A, Behr T, Gaenge H, Ludwig W, Wagner M, Schleifer KH. FEMS microbiology letters. 2005.
Abstract For detection of most members of the Enterococcaceae, the specificity of a novel oligonucleotide microarray (ECC-PhyloChip) consisting of 41 hierarchically nested 16S or 23S rRNA gene-targeted probes was evaluated with 23 pure cultures (including 19 Enterococcus species). Target nucleic acids were prepared by PCR amplification of a 4.5-kb DNA fragment containing large parts of the 16S and 23S rRNA genes and were subsequently labeled fluorescently by random priming. Each tested member of the Enterococcaceae was correctly identified on the basis of its unique microarray hybridization pattern. The evaluated ECC-PhyloChip was successfully applied for identification of Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis in artificially contaminated milk samples demonstrating the utility of the ECC-PhyloChip for parallel identification and differentiation of Enterococcus species in food samples.
Pubmed ID 15869972
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