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Reference Phylogenetic analysis and in situ identification of "Nostocoida limicola"-like filamentous bacteria in activated sludge from industrial wastewater treatment plants. Snaidr I, Beimfohr C, Levantesi C, Rossetti S, van der Waarde J, Geurkink B, Elkelboom D, Lemaitre M, Tandoi V. Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research. 2002.
Abstract The diversity of filamentous bacteria present in industrial wastewater treatment plants was analysed by a combination of classical and molecular-biological approaches. Many unknown filamentous bacteria were observed in about 80 screened activated sludge samples from different industries with sometimes severe bulking sludge problems. A special focus was paid to filaments which resembled "Nostocoida limicola", a filamentous bacterium which was found to be present in many WWTPs. These filamentous bacteria are hardly cultivable and only one strain was obtained and maintained in co-culture with a yeast. The 16S rRNA sequences of several other "Nostocoida limicola"-like filamentous bacteria from different sludge samples were obtained by micromanipulation and different molecular-biological methods. The sequences were phylogenetically analyzed and specific molecular probes were developed and applied. The results clearly demonstrate that "Nostocoida limicola"-like filaments from industrial WWTPs are different from all other "Nostocoida limicola" types investigated so far. Our strains are affiliated to the alpha-subclass of Proteobacteria.
Pubmed ID 12216694