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Reference Identification of Enterococcus spp. based on specific hybridisation with 16S rDNA probes. Manero A, Blanch AR. Journal of microbiological methods. 2002.
Abstract The conventional methods for routine enterococci species identification are usually based on phenotypic characteristics. However, in recent years, some studies have defined specific probes based on both 16S and 23S rRNA genes for the identification of some Enterococcus spp. A set of probes based on the 16S rRNA gene has been developed in order to evaluate the usefulness of a six-step biochemical key for species level identification of enterococci. Probe specificity has been evaluated with type collection and environmental strains by dot blot hybridisation. A high correlation was obtained between biochemical key and hybridisation identifications. This set of probes provides a confirmative method for phenotypic species identification.
Pubmed ID 11997162