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Reference Phylogeny of the filamentous bacterium Eikelboom Type 1851, and design and application of a 16S rRNA targeted oligonucleotide probe for its fluorescence in situ identification in activated sludge. Beer M, Seviour EM, Kong Y, Cunningham M, Blackall LL, Seviour RJ. FEMS microbiology letters. 2002.
Abstract Micromanipulation was used to obtain an isolate (BEN 52) of Eikelboom Type 1851 from a bulking activated sludge plant. Its 16S rDNA sequence reveals its closest relative is 'Roseiflexus castenholzii', a member of the phylum 'Chloroflexi', class 'Chloroflexi', previously called the green non-sulfur bacteria. The 16S rRNA targeted oligonucleotide probe designed for fluorescence in situ hybridisation against this sequence successfully identified filamentous bacteria with the morphological features of Type 1851 in activated sludge samples from plants in several countries and different operational configurations.
Pubmed ID 11958937
CHL 1851
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