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Reference In situ analysis of sulfate-reducing bacteria related to Desulfocapsa thiozymogenes in the chemocline of meromictic Lake Cadagno (Switzerland). Tonolla M, Demarta A, Peduzzi S, Hahn D, Peduzzi R. Applied and environmental microbiology. 2000.
Abstract Comparative sequence analysis of a 16S rRNA gene clone library from the chemocline of the meromictic Lake Cadagno (Switzerland) retrieved two clusters of sequences resembling sulfate-reducing bacteria within the family Desulfovibrionaceae. In situ hybridization showed that, similar to sulfate-reducing bacteria of the family Desulfobacteriaceae, bacteria of one cluster with similarity values to the closest cultured relatives of between 92.6 and 93.1% resembled free cells or cells loosely attached to other cells or debris. Bacteria of the second cluster closely related to Desulfocapsa thiozymogenes DSM7269 with similarity values between 97. 9 and 98.4% were generally associated with aggregates of different small-celled phototrophic sulfur bacteria, suggesting a potential interaction between the two groups of bacteria.
Pubmed ID 10653757