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Microarray details

Array name Burkholderia-Phylochip
Array Description Low-density oligonucleotide microarray (microchip) for detection and differentiation of members of the genus Burkholderia. The microarray contains 132 16S rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probes (mostly 18-mer) of parallel and hierarchical specificity designed according to the multiple probe concept.
Array technique Oligonucleotide probes with a 20 dTTP spacer-element and amino-modification at the 5'-terminal end were spotted to epoxysilane coated slides.
Reference 16S rRNA gene-based phylogenetic microarray for simultaneous identification of members of the genus Burkholderia. Schönmann S, Loy A, Wimmersberger C, Sobek J, Aquino C, Vandamme P, Frey B, Rehrauer H, Eberl L. Environmental microbiology. 2009.
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