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Microarray details

Array name Compost Community-Microarray
Array Description Oligonucleotide microarray (microchip) for characterization of bacterial communities in compost. The microarray contains 56 16S rRNA-targeted oligonucleotides of parallel and hierarchical specificity designed according to the multiple probe concept.
Array technique Oligonucleotide probes with a 12 dTTP spacer-element (most of them) and amino-modification at the 5'-terminal end were spotted on aldehyde-group coated glass slides.
Reference Design and application of an oligonucleotide microarray for the investigation of compost microbial communities. Franke-Whittle IH, Klammer SH, Insam H. Journal of microbiological methods. 2005.
Probename Name (Alm et al.)
KO 218S-S-Saur-0069-a-A-19
KO 219S-*-HpylA-0162-a-A-24
KO 221S-S-CfalA-0062-a-A-20
KO 222S-S-CfalB-1443-a-A-19
KO 223S-S-CtetA-0116-a-A-19
KO 224S-S-CtetB-0746-a-A-19
KO 225S-S-Cperf-0185-a-A-20
KO 226S-*-Cbut-0183-a-A-21
KO 227S-S-CdifC-1009-a-A-19
KO 228S-*-AhydA-0466-a-A-23
KO 229S-*-AhydB-0454-a-A-21
KO 230S-*-Nmena-0454-a-A-20
KO 231S-*-Nmenb-0454-a-A-20
KO 232S-*-Vchol-0122-a-A-18
KO 233S-S-Alwo-0574-a-A-18
KO 235S-G-Strep-655-a-A-19
KO 01S-S-Thth-0068-a-A-19
KO 02S-G-Art1-1014-a-A-19
KO 03S-G-Art2-1012-a-A-20
KO 04S-G-Art3-1038-a-A-21
KO 05S-S-Agrtu-0136-a-A-23
KO 06S-S-Agrtu-0133-a-A-23
KO 07S-G-Thact-0623-a-A-22
KO 08S-G-Strp-1246-a-A-21
KO 09S-G-Strth-0136-a-A-19
KO 10S-S-Thmch-1437-a-A-20
KO 11S-S-Thmcu-0447-a-A-22
KO 12S-S-Psae-0148-a-A-22
KO 201S-*-Aaacc-0644-a-A-18
KO 202S-*-Aaacc-0443-a-A-19
KO 203S-S-RPsBD-0069-a-A-18
KO 204S-*-Xanth-0210-a-A-18
KO 205S-S-Azbr-1012-a-A-19
KO 206S-S-Hrub-0460-a-A-25
KO 207S-S-Gdia-1012-a-A-18
KO 208S-S-Gliq-0583-a-A-18
KO 209S-S-XfasB-0834-a-A-19
KO 210S-S-XfastC-0078-a-A-21
KO 211S-*-Psalc-0631-a-A-21
KO 212S-S-Eamya-0444-a-A-18
KO 213S-S-Eamyb-0445-a-A-18
KO 214S-*-Yenta-0443-a-A-19
KO 215S-S-Yentb-0443-a-A-19
KO 216S-S-Stpy-0174-a-A-21
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