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Reference Molecular and microscopic identification of sulfate-reducing bacteria in multispecies biofilms. Amann RI, Stromley J, Devereux R, Key R, Stahl DA. Applied and environmental microbiology. 1992.
Abstract The population architecture of sulfidogenic biofilms established in anaerobic fixed-bed bioreactors was characterized by selective polymerase chain reaction amplification and fluorescence microscopy. A region of the 16S rRNA common to resident sulfate-reducing bacteria was selectively amplified by the polymerase chain reaction. Sequences of amplification products, with reference to a collection of 16S rRNA sequences representing most characterized sulfate-reducing bacteria, were used to design both general and specific hybridization probes. Fluorescent versions of these probes were used in combination with fluorescence microscopy to visualize specific sulfate-reducing bacterial populations within developing and established biofilms.
Pubmed ID 1376982
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